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June 08, 2017, 12:43:33 PM

I really like the idea to work completely without Manipulator. Gesture "move" and "scale" works perfectly , but i have some problem with gesture rotation (Generic Tools -> Axis Rotate) .

Sometimes if i like to rotate quads/polygon it behaves little strange not like you would normally expect. Especially on complex models where faces are not more perfectly align to world axis its not more usable and forces me to turn manipulator on .
Would it be maybe possible to add some kind of "screen based" rotation that acts like for example in 3dsmax where you can put manipulator to "screen based" direction.

(3dsmax) Reference coordinate system > Screen

It rotates manipulator depends on the camera view position "to you" so you can rotate only in 2 axis and outer ring.
I did a screenshot from 3dmax that shows that manipulator always follows camera direction in this mode.
It would be great to have maybe 2 variants of gesture rotation:

Variant 1 it takes the outer ring for rotation.

Variant 2 it takes this middle green axis.

I dont know which one would be better , for me variant 1, because i use a lot of this "outer ring" rotation, but maybe for other artists variant 2 would be intuitive as well. (so i splited this in 2 variants)

Thanks in advance...
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June 09, 2017, 01:01:03 AM
There is a tool which works in screen coordinate system. Generic Tools > Tweak_Rotate. In default setting, E+LMB.

In case you didn't notice. Manipulation > Orientation > Screen.

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June 09, 2017, 08:13:58 AM

i just didnt found this , thats exact what i need . Thanks a lot!!!